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Say the word "Cuba" - and for most people, it conjures up images of bearded revolutionaries in khaki fatigues and berets; of romantic beaches, with couples dancing to blaring Salsa music ; of Rum and Cigars, and old 1950s american cars .... ... Yes, Cuba certainly has got all these: But there's another side to Cuba which most tourists don't see, or even know about .... .. this is the SECRET CUBA celebrated in this website . Because of Cuba's unchanged  government for the past 50 years, and the resulting commercial isolation,  Cuba, alone in the Western Hemisphere, has escaped the vandalism of the profiteering property-speculating "Developers" .  Cuba is like a time-warp, set in the 1950s. NOW is the time to visit Cuba - before this all changes, and it's too late!
some FACTS about the Island of CUBA ......

Cuba is BY FAR the biggest island in the Caribbean.

Cuba is as big as ALL THE OTHER ISLANDS put together !

Cuba IS and has been, ever since Columbus, the MOST IMPORTANT island in the Caribbean.

Cuba has mountains far higher than any in the British Isles

In Cuba approximately 22% of the land is designated as protected





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