Secret Cuba

Restaurante 1830 - a beautiful Japanese Garden  


  This gem of a garden is hidden away on the outskirts of Havana. It's the japanese Garden , behind (and a part of )   "Restaurante 1830", which is on the sea-front (the Malecon)  at the far west end, where Vedado meets Miramar. (To those interested in Cuban Politics, this restaurant is famous for a photo of Fidel and Che emerging from the entrance, back in the 1960s. )

The Restaurant itself was restored in 2001, and serves excellent food; and on Sunday nights hosts a Salsa club in the garden behind.  The Japanese  garden features themes such as bridges, little winding stairways and turrets - a fantastic place for children to play hide and seek - or for taking beautiful portrait photos. The  garden is constructed entirely from coral and sea-shells, all glued together in the most extra-ordinary way.

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